The Bush Times – Catch Up

Apologies for the lack of posts, allow me to bring you all up to speed with what has been happening at Sabie Game Park the last couple of months.

The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) held a convention which was attended by our CEO, Sandy McDonald, who has portrayed a couple positive points regarding the outcome.

  • The spear head of our anti-poaching unit, Colonel Lionel Dyck was invited to give a presentation at the convention and was warmly received as he gave his thoughts on the current poaching crisis.
  • Hunting has taken a hammering with some bad publicity lately and although the hunting industry is sitting on a knife edge there has been a small fight back and I urge everyone to spread the word of what sustainable hunting actually does for conservation. – take a look at this video that puts facts and figures into the good of hunting.

In terms of weather, September and October were fairly consistent with previous years. Windy, hot and dusty. As far as November is concerned we have not had the rain that one would expect and that we so desperately need. Patches of rain have built up some hope, however, the weak are falling further behind.

The weather has not been the only aspect we have had to tough out. An incident of assault on three of our anti-poaching members have spread across social media like soft butter on bread so I will not dwell on the subject. I will say that two of our men have returned to duty and are straight back into the thick of things despite the traumatic experience.

Finally it is strange to think that rhino are no different to any other creatures out there despite their current celebrity status. The other day a rhino died of natural causes and I nearly fell over backwards. Then just a few days ago the same thing happened. If one takes time to think about this it can be viewed as somewhat of a positive. In both instances the animals were very old and had just succumb to the terrible effects of the drought, which is completely normal in a free ranging system such as Sabie Game Park. I guess rhino don’t have super powers after all. I wonder what all the fuss is about?

In the end nature will always prevail.

Enjoy the latest sightings from the last couple months.




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