The Bush Times – Derby Day

The 27th of August marked a memorable day for many in and around Mozambique’s Sabie Game Park. Two of our local soccer teams were up against each other but this time with a bit of a difference. The town of Corumane recently had a new pitch prepared by Sabie Game Park and to add to the excitement the founder of Wild and Free foundation, Matt Bracken, came down to join the occasion and sponsor the Corumane soccer team with two brand new kits.

Corumane FC, the home team for this derby affair, welcomed the opposition, Dakar as well as Sabie. Upon arrival we were shocked to see Dakar sporting a new flashy outfit as well and under closer inspection we could not help notice the International Anti-Poaching Foundation logo etched onto the shorts. Turns out our Anti-Poaching unit has been doing a bit of sponsoring as well.

This immediately set the tone for the day, a true clash of the titans. Each team had their own pride to play for with the added oomf of having a flashy new outfit. As for Sabie Game Park and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), who work together on a daily basis, there were massive bragging rights on the line. Needless to say the friendly banter and comradery ceased the moment the starting whistle blew. The atmosphere was fierce as both teams searched for the back of the net and were spurred on by the support from the sideline. A dry and dusty air parched throats but no one was willing to throw in the towel as both teams fought right up to the final whistle.

The players collapsed from exhaustion after the game except of course for the victors who could hold their heads up high. This also meant that either Sabie Game Park or IAPF would have much more to say over the two way radios for the next couple of weeks.

In the end the score was 2 – 0 and as a member of the press I must remain neutral as to the outcome of the game.

But then again I am not an actual journalist.. Maybe next time Sean ; )

Soccer Results:

Corumane FC 1 vs. Dakar                  2 – 0 (CFC)

Corumane FC 2 vs. Sabie FC             2 – 0 (CFC)

Finally a big thank you to Matt Bracken and his Wild and Free Foundation. The work you are doing is superb with regards to Protection, Education and Upliftment. I am sure we will see you soon. Keep fighting the good fight.


To follow are some great snaps from Steve Alexander please enjoy.

Corumane FC stands in uniform with sponsor and founder of Wild and Free Foundation, Matt Bracken at front left.
Clash of the Titans. Corumane FC stand in red next to their opposition Dakar in green


Our community liaison, Ferdie Terblanche, watches eagerly as Corumane FC edge into the lead


The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do – Walter Bagehot



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