The circle of life

More often than not we see the softer side of mother nature but the truth is that she can be a cold and merciless killer.

With waterholes running dry and the grip of a severe drought tightening, the animals which call Sabie Game Park home are  put under more and more pressure each day.

Droughts and times of hardship are however all part of a natural cycle with some species being effected more severely than others ! Hippos being reliant on water for safety are forced to wonder further and further each night in search of grazing.


Unfortunately one of our resident hippo bulls could no longer cope with the stress and died. In the bush the death of one provides for the life of many and this was well displayed when four male lions where found feeding on the carcass the next day.

In times of drought the scavengers and predators always do well and in testament to this lion sightings have become a daily occurrence with two sets of cubs having been recently seen by guests.

The four males where very relaxed and we stayed with them as they continued to feed well into the night.







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