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Good morning City-slickers, how’s that industrial air going down? (Please don’t reply that was my rhetorical attempt at humor for the week)

Mother Nature has produced somewhat of a mixed bag this month with what I believe is an extended April fool’s joke. The temperatures should be dropping as winter approaches yet the gas has just been turned up without the slightest hint of any decent rain. Needless to say that there has been more than a few disgruntled characters ranging from the animals right through to the surrounding communities.

Small victories during times of hardship need to be savoured and although April has not been easy it has certainly been a small victory to relish.

Sabie Game Park and the International Anti-Poaching Foundation can breathe a much welcomed sigh of relief as no rhino have been lost for two months on the trot, let’s keep up the good work and make it a hat-trick (three in a row). Along with a few vital arrests I think this constitutes a victory to all those involved, even the rhino. Well done buggers!

The lack of rain has wreaked havoc among the community crop lands leaving nothing but barren fields and hungry mouths. This elicited a visit from two top players in Mozambique’s Maputo district, namely: The town of Sabie’s Chef de Post and Moamba’s (town) local administrator to have a look at how Sabie Game Park and the communities were working together.

We thought this a good opportunity to get ‘Food for Work’ involved and give back to the four communities that Sabie Game Park is directly responsible for. A total of 428 food parcels were handed out, throughout an unforgivably hot African day, to the four communities in question. Our efforts were welcomed with joy although it was much too hot for any jumping and singing.

Yet another welcome victory for Sabie Game Park as well as Ndiza, Baptine, Muvungwane and Mucacasa communities.

Pictures to follow:

The delivery truck arrives carrying 428 food parcels
Ndiza school marked the first drop off point
School children watched on and played soccer as their parcels were being offloaded
Ndiza parcels ready for collection
A parcel consisted of maize meal, rice, dry beans, sugar, soap and oil
Baptine parcels ready for collection
Mavungwane parcels ready. villagers wait patiently in the shade as temperatures begin to soar
Mucacasa parcels ready for collection in front of the local school


God gave unto the animals A wisdom past our power to see: Each knows innately how to live, which we must learn laboriously – Margaret Atwood

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