Two more Rhino poachers arrested at Sabie Game Park


Thanks to another massive effort by the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF)/Sabie Game Park and the Kruger National Parks anti poaching units two more Rhino poachers, a rifle and vehicle have been removed from the system. This combined effort is consistently producing results protecting the rhino of Mozambique and specifically the only herd of  breeding rhino in the entire country – those at Sabie Game Park. They strive not only to protect our Rhino but all of our animals at Sabie Game Park. A true force to be reckoned with.

Time is everything during a follow up, knowing how far you are behind, how quickly you can mobilize your force and most importantly how quickly can you catch up with the suspects. The IAPF team have become experts in this realm.

The chase:

Tracks of two potential suspects are picked up entering the reserve early in the morning on a routine patrol. 

The suspects are then tracked through the reserve by a specialized tracking team including one very special member known as Jurg (a German Short Haired Pointer tracking dog). 

The suspects lead the tracking team on a chase for kilometres in the burning sun and relentless heat of the Lebombo mountains crossing the international border into South Africa and the team hands over the operation to the efficient anti poaching unit of Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park who put intense pressure on the group including dummy drops and contacts ahead of them

Aware of the intense pressure  now exerted on them suspects they tried to make a break for it and head back eastward to Mozambique.

The tracks are quickly picked up and once again the chase is on, only this time there no escape for the suspects as they are tracked out of the reserve into the community land where they seek shelter.  

With no expense spared the men from IAPF/SGP and the highly motivated members of the Mozambique Guarda de Frontier  pull out all the stops with helicopter drops, dogs teams and road blocks deploying across the area throughout the day and into the night in an effort to arrest these suspects. 

The suspects where then later pulled over in a road block and searched. The vehicle is clear of any evidence but is unlicensed and the suspects are taken for questioning where they reveal that they have indeed been poaching agree to show the team where they have hidden their rifle and ammunition. 

Thanks to the capture of the two suspects, a rifle and ammunition, and the confiscation of an unlicensed vehicle a well constructed case can now be taken to the court. With overwhelming evidence these men will face charges including but not limited to: previously involvement with cases of rhino poaching, poaching, illegally crossing an international border with the intent to commit a crime and the possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition


(Due to the sensitive nature of the work done by the men on the ground certain aspects of the follow up have not been included)

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