Trail cam Tuesday

As part of our on going reserve management program it is important for us to know the density of predators on the reserve. These pictures form part of a study to determine predator density, age and social structure on the reserve.

This cat is an older male and likely holds a territory in the area. The territory he holds is in a prime area comprising of riverine forest and mountainous bush. Within his territory it is lightly that a number of females will also hold smaller territories.

Leopards are well known for their incredible adaptability and huge variety in diet with small to medium ungulates making up the bulk of their preferred prey species.

Home ranges of leopards can vary between 30 and 70 square kilometers depending on a multitude of factors including game density, water and whether their territory encompasses a  protected area or not. Females have smaller territories and may overlap slightly however males are very territorial and an overlap amongst males is rare.

With 9 subspecies spread across Africa and Asia the leopards is the most widespread of all the big cats. Although widespread this secretive animal is highly persecuted and with human wildlife conflict growing on a daily basis the conservation of this species is vital.

Sabie Game Park and the Greater Lebombo Conservation area provides an area in which these majestic cats are free to roam. With the development of similar conservation areas within Mozambique the future looks bright for these secretive animals.

Check out the link below to see more about how Sabie Game Park is striving to protect wildlife in Mozambique !

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