The Bush Times


Before we jump straight into things I would; firstly, like to prepare you for what you can expect in ‘The Bush Times’ and; secondly, introduce you to the Sabie Game Park ground team.

Right, for all you city slickers out there filling your heads with mumbo jumbo gossip about who’s dating who and what Larry said about Barry last week. This column is intended to transform a somewhat simple life in the bush into something the modern human can relate to without me rattling on about instinctive behaviour and how to ‘become one with nature’. So when the time comes, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and disappear into the untouched metropolis that is wildest Africa.

Ok let us meet the team on the ground that is out there every day breaking their necks to create a safe haven for what is a healthy population of Mozambican wildlife.

Alexander McDonald jnr. & Mark Tout


Alex is our manager/professional hunter/pilot. A man of many talents that loves being out in the bush and doing his bit for conservation. A man that loves selfies as well so I recommend you follow him on instagram.

Mark is our temporary helicopter pilot and permanent comedian sure to leave you in stitches but don’t let his direct sense of humour lead you astray. Marks wealth of knowledge is a definite asset to the team and we will be sure to capitalise on that while he is still here. Mark is currently showing Alex the ropes in operating his R44 helicopter that allows us to get up close and personal with the wildlife.

Ferdinand ‘Ferdie’ Terblanche & Richard ‘Rick’ Burrough


This deadly duo seems somewhat crippled since the departure of the ‘third Wiseman’. Uncle Rick there was no pun intended and we all wish you a speedy recovery from your foot injury as I am sure you are eager to get airborne again as Sabie Game Parks fixed winged eagle eyes.

Ferdinand, along with Rick, are our two permanent camp managers. While Rick is keeping a birds-eye-view over the reserve, Ferdie is controlling community relations on the ground. Not an easy task when wildlife and people are clashing at an ever increasing rate.

Edmore Chanda


Better known as ‘The Principle’. Edmore has an uncontested work ethic and ranks as a jedi when it comes to handy man skills. To see this man repairing generators and water pumps during unthinkable times of the night is not uncommon.

Kayde Ball & Tom Barnes

Tom & Jerry

As the two students and newbies to the reserve we can be seen digging trenches to patrolling the mountains all in the space of one day.

Tom has shown the initiative to start this blog and has been capped our resident editor among other feats he has achieved. Getting waist deep in thick sludge to save a baby impala is the first thing that springs to mind, check out his Facebook page.

As for yours truly if I am not in camp there is an 80 percent chance that I will be harassing the Tigerfish along the banks of the Sabie River. If you have yet to experience the thrill of hooking one of these beasts consider this a formal invitation.

Now that we have got all the pleasantries out of the way be sure to stay tuned in for the next post of ‘The Bush Times’ along with the other captivating stories here on Sabie Game Park’s new blog page.


Confucius say, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

One thought on “The Bush Times

  1. Well written Kayde! Look forward to following your escapades – if you really want to know what hunting fish is all about best you come visit!


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